What made me start creating a blog series about artisans of upcycling and it’s really just a start.


I remember my mother used to say to me “mottainai”, when I accidentally drained some grains of rice along with water when rinsing the rice before cooking or when I tried to bin some of my old clothes which became out of my style but still wearable. Particularly with…

“Not just a recycling shop but plus something else”

Photo courtesy of STOCKPILE ecorio

STOCKPILE ecorio is an industrial waste management and upcycling company which has a warehouse size store in Oita, Japan. It was founded by Seiji Suyama while he solely ran an industrial waste management company. …

“I cannot help shouting “dope!” when I see clothes that are almost not quite wearable. I think it’s a work of art!”

Photo courtesy of Tsurupika Works

Tsurupika Works started making clothes in 2016 in Kichijoji, Tokyo. The owner of Tsurupika Works (will be called “TP” onwards) used to work in stage/film set production. Though…

“As long as I pursue upcycling, I am dealing with limited resources. And we reach our goal when there is nothing to be upcycled.”

Photo courtesy of Kimono Yarn

Recra, an upcycling company which runs a project called “Kimono Yarn”, was established by Makoto Nishikawa based on the idea Seriko Fujieda came up with. …

You are the only one who can discover what works for you so make sure to stay curious and be attentive to opportunities.

Photo by Moeka Yamamoto

I’ve always wanted to be able to properly meditate and I tried several times because I thought it should help my acting as well, you know, to be able to focus and be present. But the phrases I hear often in guided meditations such as “empty your mind”, “forget about…

Dear People on Earth, by yano

International_Eco-Friendly_Almost Vegan_Actress_Free spirit following curiosity. I also write about artisans mostly from Japan who specialises in upcycling:)

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